Perfect Lemon Meringue Pie

All About Lemon


While it is unclear as to exactly where lemons originated from, it is thought that they were first grown in parts of China...

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The Bush lemon is native to Australia. The lemons produced from this tree are thicker skinned and boast a very...

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Nutritional value

See the nutritional value chart to the left for details on the actual nutritional value of lemons...

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Types of Lemon

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer lemon is not a true lemon. It is cross between a lemon and either a regular or a mandarin orange...

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Lisbon Lemon

The Lisbon lemon is one of the most common lemons grown in California, but it is also...

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Eureka Lemon

The Eureka lemon originated in Los Angeles in 1877. A started from a seed from an Italian lemon that was planted...

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Culinary uses

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a commonly used fruit juice that is the extract of the juice produced by the lemon; it’s also...

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Lemonade is a popular drink that is flavored using lemons. Most often it is comprised of water, lemons and sugar...

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Lemon liqueur

A liqueur from lemons is made using liquor, sugar and lemons. The liqueur can be a bright or light yellowish...

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Preserved lemon

Also called pickled lemon, preserved lemon is very popular and widely used in Moroccan and...

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Caponata neapolitan

Caponata neapolitan The dish more people probably associate with Sicily than any other is caponata, a (generally)...

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Apple strudel

Apple strudel consists of an oblong strudel pastry jacket with an apple filling inside.

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Antipasto di mare

Antipasto Di Mare is a yummy Italian seafood appetizer that all...

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Non culinary uses

Lemons were originally used for substance because of their high amounts of citric acid, before there was...

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Lemon alternatives

There are several different fruits and plants that actually have tastes and textures that are similar to that of lemons...

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Lemon juicer prices

Fresh squeezed citrus juice is delicious by the glass and perks up your favorite recipes. Two different...

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Lemon Pictures


Taking lots of citrus fruits everyday makes you stay healthy and enjoy a sexy tummy.


Proper intake of citrus fruits boost the imune system and a good prevention against diabetis and obesity.


A glassful of lime or citrus juice is a perfect thirst quencer you can take anytime.